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Well, this Sunday I was on Twitter, when I saw a tweet by Mattibbrian saying "Holy S***" (I censored it myself if you were curious) with a link to the TTTEwikia. I was curious, so I decided to see what it was and I found this:…
Yes, the Fall 2013 Thomas special has been revealed; King of the Railway! The following day it was spread by blogs of TopHatt and SiF. I decided to share my first impressions of it.

1. [b]Oh, for Goodness Sakes![/b] I just saw [i]Blue Mountain Mystery[/i] a month ago, and already they've revealed next year's!
2. [b]Again?[/b] From the Basic plot, it seems it's going to be yet [i]another[/i], Thoms finds a lost old engine. This plotline is getting old in my opinion. However, given the look of the engine behind him, it looks like they'll do it right this time time; having an engine who [i]truly is old.[/i]
3.[b]JACK!![/b] Jack is making his return in CGI! That's fun; first the Narrow Gauge engines; now potentially the pack!

With Blue Mountain Mystery, I followed the revelations for the special from start to finish, but I'm not sure if I want to do it with this special; I don't like spoilers. The plot elements of Blue Mountain Mystery; the classic flashbacks, Victor being the lost engine, Thomas almost falling off a cliff, Rheneas being painted yellow at the end, would all have been more fun if they had been surprises. But, in order to fully avoid spoilers, I'd have to leave the internet for nearly a year. :P

We'll see.
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Submitted on
October 31, 2012